Americas Freedom

November 8th, 2011

“We As Americans, Believe in the Fundamental Constituational Freedom for All Individuals. We Believe However, That Freedom is Universally Equal. It is our Position, The Implied Freedom of any Group Cannot Be Allowed to Infringe on The Individual Rights, Freedoms and Constitutional Protections of The Majority Without The Express Consent of Either the Duly Elected Representatives of All, or The Direct Consent Through Legal Constitutional Petition of All People Affected.”

“Divided we are but one, united we are America!”

“All we have in our Society that distinguishes us from any other, is our rule of law. These Laws represent the Moral Principles of all the people, on which are the foundation of our Nation. Without acknowledging this foundation, we will have no Standards, no Principles, no Ethics, and no Morals. What we will have is the continual corruption of society with corrupt Children becoming corrupt Adults creating new corrupt Law.”

George Chaney
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